Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Not Just For Wiping!

Photo: Wedding Thrift. All Rights Reserved.

Toilet paper, that is. Yes, I seem to have a thing with toilet paper.

Yes, we all rip a sheet off here and there for random things: sink spills, make up removal, lip stick blotting, or nose blowing. But have you ever considered making clothes out of toilet paper? Let me get a bit more specific.

Have you ever considered making your wedding dress out of toilet paper?

No? Well, get with it, ladies. 

At least one woman has successfully done it:

Photo courtesy of the

Not bad. Adds a whole new dimension to the DIY wedding dress concept.

Though it kind of makes me wonder what happens if it rains. Or if someone spills wine on your crotch.

(Another view and info here.)

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