Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Alternative Bridal Bouquet

In case you didn't love the bouquet in my last post, I found another! I stumbled across another very cool tutorial  (see above photo) from Once Wed a while back, for an alternative to a live flower bridal (or wedding party) bouquet. I think this would be amazing for a fall wedding. And given that the pine trees are still losing their pine cones, you have time to gather some of these natural beauties for this project. They don't wilt, dry up, or require maintenance like live flowers do, so you could make these well in advance and keep them in a safe place until your big day. And they will almost positively be less expensive than live flowers.

You could even turn this into a theme, and use some of Martha Stewart's ideas for making various Pine Cone Crafts, such as using pine cones to embellish Place Cards, or making Pine Cone Napkin Holders for your guest's tables. You could continue the pine cone theme for decoration, too: see both here and here for some ideas and the tutorials (see photos below)!

I made the pine cone bouquet recently and put it in a vase (no ribbons or fancy decorations) and it looks great. I love incorporating natural elements into my home, especially since I have to actively seek them out, living here in the urban jungle and all! Once you get used to working with pine cones, the possibilities are truly endless, and the creative juice will start flowing. You can even make it is simple as scattering some on your guest tables, food tables, or hanging some from a nearby tree with a simple string. I love pine cones, and just randomly scatter them on my window sill with some candles and it feels so cozy:
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The cones in the pine cone make tying string around them very easy and stable. These projects are good to keep in mind for the upcoming holidays. And, of course, they make a precious gift from nature for decorating on your wedding day.

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