Saturday, March 14, 2009

If You Sprinkle, When You Twinkle, Use My Sweetie, To Wipe the Seatie.

Despite my last cheery post, I want to report that the full-fledged cynic in me is alive and kicking. And I found her only a few clicks into my morning.

Having (finally) gotten over (knock on wood) a two+ week nasty virus, during which my bed, my thermos, and my Robitussin DM Max quickly became my most cherished companions, I awoke this morning feeling there was much to be done (i.e., catch up on).

Jake and I are almost done with our Save-the-Dates--which I will happily share with you soon--and were contemplating the next big paper project: The Invitations. We recently visited Staples to check out some of their cardstock. Not to buy, just to feel it and see which color combos, textures and paper weights we like (which I highly recommend before buying online, by the way). As a follow up, I figured today I would check out my online resources, such as the one mentioned here, and decide on a color and style. Maybe even order something today or tomorrow and be done with it.

Well, as often happens on the internet, one click leads to another, and soon I was looking up how to make napkin rings out of toilet paper rolls. There was a connection somewhere along the way from paper --> toilet paper --> napkins, but I can't really say how I made it and why. Maybe I just drank too much coffee and held it in too long. I don't know.

But regardless, a quick google search rendered the following results:

The first hit was one I had remembered seeing before, and was actually trying to find. Good job google! And you can find the simple tutorial here if you, too, find toilet paper roll napkin rings to be an interesting project potential.

The second hit: "Bride & Groom Toilet Paper Rolls"? Well, you just know I had to click. 

They weren't joking.

Wedding toilet paper, meet my readers. Readers, meet the Next Big Thing. This is right up on my list of things to buy for my wedding as soon as I order my wedding garbage bags, so people can also think of me as they throw away their dirty napkins and baby diapers on My Big Day.

Yes, my friends, now you too, can have your wedding guests happily wipe their asses with your special day in mind. Only $10 for a pack of two rolls. You and your soiled loved one will cherish those memories for years to come.


  1. The napkin rings from toilet paper rolls is actually a pretty good idea. But the toilet paper is just silly ;)

  2. As a joke I made "Tull-et Paper" for a bridal blog. All tulle, all pink and adorned with flowers and pearls. For looking only, of course.

  3. Lmao :)

    I'm so glad to see that I'm not the only bride thinking that a lot of this stuff is just ridiculous. I mean, toilet paper???



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