Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comic Relief for One

This is just proof of how far the Organized Wedding Mafia will go to make sure that every single item you buy for your wedding is certifiably wedding related and approved.

The Problem:
Just when you thought you had it all figured out--the invites, save the dates, centerpieces, dress, caterer, photographer, wedding favors, table runners, ceremony vows--all of are left with one glaring, undeniable problem. THE GARBAGE! What about the garbage?!

The Dilemma:
This is a WEDDING, people! There is no way that I can have those ugly black Glad trash bags to collect the trash on my perfect day. Oh no, no way. Not this bride. Nu-uh.

The Solution:
Wedding trash bags! Yes! Of course!

Yes! So that even your trash is pretty (sigh of relief). A mere .99 cents here, just in case you do not share my cynicism and actually want one of these things. 
No judgement!

P.S. Check out the "ratings" for this product found by clicking the link above. You gotta love it. One was serious. One person uses these for wrapping paper (not a bad idea), and the third? Let's just say she/he is as cynical as I am, or more. (:

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  1. We gave a bride and groom the vacuum for which they'd registered and the store offered to wrap it for us. I appreciated that because I was having trouble imagining the three rolls of paper it was going to require. Then the clerk returns with the "wrapped" item: in a bag just like the one shown above! It totally looked like a trash bag! I took it in that bag anyway, figuring they registered at that store, for Pete's sake, so probably other gifts were going to arrive in the same plastic glad bag. Sure 'nuff there were plenty of other large-scale items at the wedding.

    It's pretty for a trash bag, I grant you that. But for wrapping, well, I still feel sort of guilty about it.


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