Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Save The Date Cards!

Our Save the Date cards were really simple. There was no fancy graphic (well, except for Wordle, which is super cool), but we used some funky envelopes we obtained for free through, and we made nifty M+J (Maggie + Jake) magnets which recipients could use to post the card on their fridge. Everyone loved the cards.

But even though they were so simple, it took a lot of planning, searching, and thinking to get them exactly how we wanted them. So I thought it might be nice to design and offer you another simple and ready made Save the Date Card you can use. How's that for efficient?

Using an image from the Graphic's Fairy, a site which I have sufficiently raved about in the past, I created these babies, just for you!

All you need to do is add your own information inside the engagement ring and print them out. The text has been written using a "text box" so just click on it to edit. The card size is specifically designed to fit an A2 envelope--super cheap at your local stationer or to order online! Or mix and match: use a colored envelope and creme paper, or vice versa, or even make your own envelopes. Unfortunately, there is an extra page on each document, sorry about that. (If you have ideas of how I can get rid of it, please do tell). Until then, just make sure to only print page one for each document.

On the back, I left a big open space to write a personal note to your recipient. While this may seem "unnecessary," I can't tell you how many calls and emails we received after we sent out our Save the Dates, and our guests all loved the personal notes we wrote them. For some family (who we knew were coming) we wrote jokes like, "as if you have a choice *not* to come," and for guests who lived far away or even on another continent, we wrote, "We know it's unlikely that you could make it, but we wanted to include you!!" We teased a friend who didn't like to fly, and to another friend who had been nagging us to get married for years, we wrote, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're finally doing it. So you better be there!" It was so fun and people responded in kind.

I love the rainbow of colors on the ring, and thought it provided a simple elegance to the card. I think it would be best printed on creme/off white cardstock, but any lighter colored or pastel cardstock would be great too. The "Save The Date" text on the side, is specifically positioned to be the first thing the recipient sees when opening the envelope, see:

Click below to download, edit and use them for personal use (only):

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