Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank You, Internet!

Sometimes I get down on technology. Like in this post. (By which I still stand!)

The whole virtual reality really gets to me. People text instead of talk, blog instead of actively create, or live vicariously through others instead of exploring the world on their own. Everywhere I go, people are connected and addicted. I've seen countless near-death accidents by people texting while crossing these New York City streets (yes, Andy, that includes you! Ok, you were talking on the phone, similar thing...), and I've been to nice restaurants where each person at the table next to me is eating their meal with his/her cell phones front and center on the dining table, next to their crystal wine glass, shining that ugly blue hue each time a new (likely meaningless) message comes through. Disgusting. I've had enough of paying for a concert, only to have my view blocked by someone holding up their iphone to best record the show for youtube. And nothing ruins a peaceful bus ride through the city than a loudmouth yapping away about the mindless details of her life to which I would rather not be privy. I try not to get too friendly with people who interrupt my conversations to constantly check their mobile devices or  tweet about their latest observations. Goodness knows I have expressed my annoyance with blogs in general and the lack of self-confidence they can instill in our decisions, and I won't take that back now.

But every once in a while, I find a resource so relevant, so wonderful, so darn useful in my life, that I put all my cynicism aside, and, if only temporarily, embrace technology for what it can offer.

Today I stumbled upon a site so lovely that it instantly instilled my confidence in you, World Wide Web. The author of the site is Karen, and the blog is The Graphics Fairy. Click and you will be transported to a land of free, beautiful, creative vintage clipart images covering almost any subject imaginable. Karen lets you use any of these images for free, she has researched the copyright on each one she finds before claiming you can use it, and even provides ideas for various projects using the images. I mean, could you ask for more?! To find such kind generosity on the internet, really warms even my cold heart.

If I had know about this site when I was planning my wedding, I would have had a field day! Think of all the fun paper crafts, or transfer images you could make with this single vintage wedding photo. And she has so much more.

Having just discovered this website, I only had a chance to use three images (old game cards) so far to make little mini cards for my sister as a gift:

I plan to make the envelopes myself using an envelope templates such as one found here.

Thank you Graphics Fairy, for instilling my faith and love once again!


  1. If my Manhattan street-crossing exploits are going to become the stuff of internet legend, then I guess it really is time to put the gadgets away... :-)

  2. Oh wow, I'm so flattered by your post!!! Thank you so much for this lovely write up about my blog, that was so sweet of you! I'm really glad you have been able to use some of my images for your creative projects.
    Thanks again!


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