Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simple, Inexpensive Guest Book

I didn't have a guest book at my wedding. I figured it was:

1) One more expense i didn't need;

2) One more object to store in my tiny apartment post-wedding; and

3) Not necessary since I gave guests an opportunity to make personal comments both on our wedding website and on the RSVP from the wedding invitations (which they did, to my delight).


I know a LOT of people who really, really really want a guest book for sentimental reasons, or in order for the guests to be able to express themselves in writing during the wedding celebration. If a guest book is what you are after (and please, give up something else you were going to buy, in exchange for this indulgence!), you might consider using Snapfish. I have always found Snapfish easy and inexpensive, and this morning I got an email about some of their new products that look really cool. Looks like you can get your custom guest book for only about $40. And this way you could choose your own photo for the cover rather than get one of those generic pictures you had nothing to do with creating.

Photo Courtesy of Snapfish website

(No, I don't work for Snapfish, nor did I get bribed to write this post. I just have used them often enough to know that you can get simple, fun, functional items from them, that won't cost you half your paycheck. I'll show you some of my snapfish creations in another post, OK?)

If you go this route, I would recommend brightening your photos a bit more than normal. I have noticed that my snapfish photos come out darker than I thought they were on my computer screen. This likely will be different depending on your computer screen, but I would be safe rather than sorry. Speaking of sorry, whenever there have been "mistakes" in my prints or I was not happy with the product, Snapfish always refunded me and gave me the chance to reprint without a fuss.

They have tons of other products that could be used for your wedding, too. You could even order one of their new stationary sets for $8 and use those simple paper sheets for the invites, save-the-dates, or RSVPs! Check it out.

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