Wednesday, April 22, 2009

P.S. Happy Earth Day!

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I'm not a big believer in special days or months designated to issues we should be concerned with year-round, but I made an exception for Earth Day. This is one day where people--especially kids in school--actually DO real things and engage in projects that promote a cleaner, healthier environment and lifestyle.

While snooping around Maya's pretty site, I found out about this cool blog that is dedicating the week to sharing neat and practical projects from ordinary items founds in the recycling bin.

This crayon holder from the Crafty Crow site above might be just perfect for the kids' activity table I plan to put together for our wedding. It's simple and easy, looks cool, and will hopefully entice my kiddie guests to draw their little hearts out:

Or I might get lazy and just take the pack of crayons we already bought (yes, it's a small detail to be focusing on this early, but if you look out for sales you can get this stuff when it's cheap and not when you desperately need it and will pay full price!) and toss them on the table for the grabbing pleasure of the children. Either way, it'll be a fun distraction for them from all the grown up yucky huggie-kissie-lovie stuff going on.

Photo Credit: Ximenacab

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