Thursday, April 16, 2009

An International Headache

Photo Credit by DanieVDM

Just a quick follow up to my last post about postage and RSVPs:

Don't forget that your international response cards DO NOT use U.S. postage. I know it's obvious, but believe me, sometimes the logic escapes you when your focus is on getting the 89th invitation out the door...

In other words, you cannot pre-stamp your RSVP cards when sending to international guests. Leave the postage off the envelope, or offer your overseas guests the option of an email RSVP if you think it will help. Another tip: Make sure to send out the international invites first--before any others--to compensate for the longer delivery time, even if you are not done with all the invitations. I wouldn't wait. Your Great Aunt in Greece won't mind that she is not being dropped into the mailbox with your college friend in Maine, trust me.

That said, I sent out all the Save the Dates at the same time. My Aunt in Israel received her's before my buddy in Staten Island. Um, yeah. I don't know what that's about.

Oh--Don't forget to add the extra 4 digits for your zip code to speed up the return delivery. It's true: my postman swears by it! Get it here. If you live in an apartment building, the 4 digit zip code extension can be different than your neighbor's so check carefully.

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