Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stamp Right Up!

Just as a follow up to my last blog post, here are some updates:

1) I have gotten more sleep.

2) The hunt for the perfect stamp continues.

3) I thought I would share with you my top stamp choices thus far; the candidates for the Jake and Maggie stamp extravaganza. And others that are just plain cute. 


Available here.

Right now the stamp in the header (and smaller, above) is my first pick (top left corner stamp). I would stamp the birds centered on the top of the invite, and use the branches here and there (sans birds) on other parts of the invitation, thereby continuing the general nature theme. I'm imagining something like this in terms of placing branches on the perimeter of the cards.


Available here.

I Iove this one, but since we are not going to have cocktails at the wedding (it's in a public park so beer and wine only), it is not a great fit. Otherwise, this just might have been it! The word comes literally on the side of the stamp itself so you can choose to use it or not, and place it wherever you want which cleverly increases the possibilities.


Available here. 

This one sheet provides many possibilities. These are clear stamps which means they peel off the page and you place them however you want on the clear block before pressing the block onto the ink pad. The heart tree or the heart stump could stand alone, as could the squirrel. I like the idea of putting the two owls next to each other and then stamping the three hearts stamp between them (you can do this easily by placing the owls and hearts in whichever position you want them on the stamping block and then inking the whole thing). If you like this series, there are just so many possible combinations. Use the bird with hearts next to her for the top of the invitation, and the birdhouse on the RSVP cards. Or stamp the tree in the center and the heart branches on the other parts of the invite. Or use the squirrel/stump/branch combo. See what I mean? So many choices with this one. 


These next few are simple and classy. You could color in some of the petals, flowers, etc. to add spark. You could make two flowers the same colors, to represent you and your future husband/wife, for example.

Available here. 

Dot trees available here.

Peony available here.

Bird available here.

Love stamp available here.

Heart bird available here.


Love circle available here.

If you are going for simple, this one may be just right. My idea was to stamp one circle over the other to create concentric circles which would nicely represent two lives intersecting. I like the idea of concentric circles because rather than symbolizing a couple's complete melding together (unrealistic), the overlapping parts represents the unity of two while the sides represent the independence of each part which makes up the whole. Again, with two stamps overlapping, you could use two colors--perhaps even your wedding colors if you have chosen to have theme colors. 


This set is available here.

This is another stamp we are considering (the birds with the heart between them). I really like the concept but the actual image is a bit too plain for my taste. If I use it, I would probably add a background/texture stamp in a different color behind the birds. Or add a branch from another stamp under the birds and then continue that theme throughout the invites/cards.


Gumball machine can be purchased here.

This one I absolutely love! I think it is a perfect combination of playfulness and simplicity. It just brings a smile to your face doesn't it? If you are giving away nice gumball wedding favors or gumballs somehow are relevant to your life, these would be perfect. It's almost enough to make me want to make gumballs something I would give away at the wedding just to continue the theme.  


For anyone who is celebrating their second (or more) marriage, and/or may have a child already, or any other threesome type situation, either of these stamps would be a nice choice:

3 birds available here.

OR if you can manage it, you could always only ink two of the three birds to represent a twosome (something I am considering).

The owls are available here and would be perfect for a fall/winter wedding!


Ah, decisions, decisions...

For those of you who cannot envision yourselves stamping away at one invite after another, you could always stamp the image on a white sheet of paper and scan it into your computer. That way you can just print the image along with your text. It will have a different texture/feel to it than if you actually hand-stamped each card, but it still would provide a cheap and unique DIY alternative. The nice thing about stamps is--you never know what other wedding items you will want to stamp as you go through the process. You can't easily put fabric through your printer, but you can stamp the fabric with permanent ink for decoration. Pretty cool stuff. 

Happy stamping!

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