Thursday, May 21, 2009


Photo Credit: Stephanie Carter

It has been shamefully long since I last posted. For shame, for shame.

In my defense, I have been busy. Really busy. Jake and I had a whirlwind wedding jolt of activities and projects. The invitations are out (photos forthcoming), RSVPs are arriving, the hotel for guests is chosen, rooms blocked off and reserved by guests, our honeymoon registry is live, caterer is booked, band is booked, website is done (and gorgeous, if I do say so myself), ketubah is in our possession and we have our grubby little hands on our specially ordered kippahs which are purple suede and freakin' awesome! Things are shaping up, my friends!

Oh, and I got this little thing called a new job. A promotion actually. And did I mention a nice raise to go along with it? Not withstanding my soon-to-be plump (er) bank account, we are still operating from a small small small small budget. That won't change. Money in, money out, as it goes. Funny part is, one month into the new gig, I take off for a month for the wedding and my honeymoon. And the New Job People were totally OK with this. Score!

So as soon as you forgive my lack of posting, I'll start posting again. Deal?

Let me at least offer you some eye candy from our recent walks through Central Park as a peace offering. Why not?

Photos: Wedding Thrift. All Rights Reserved.

See you soon. Right? RIGHT!

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